The Last Admiral

Thoai Hovanky
(English, paperback, 189 pages)
A war is fought on many fronts: the physical, political, economic, and psychological. In The Last Admiral, Rear Admiral (lower half) Thoai Hovanky, the final surviving member of the South Vietnamese admiralty, tells the story of the Vietnam War first-hand. Witnessed through the eyes of a young graduate of the Naval Reserve Training Center who emerged as a decorated officer and survivor of numerous actions, coups d’état, and finally the Vietnam War itself.

Adapting to extreme changes of circumstance, Rear Admiral Thoai Hovanky (RVN Navy, retired) navigates us from his early life in French-occupied Vietnam through the fiery path that led to hard-earned wisdom and respect from two nations.

Can Trường
Trong Chiến Bại

Thoai Hovanky
(Vietnamese, hardcover, 328 pages)
Our side.

Their side.

In war, it is convenient to separate factions, armies, countries into different sides. But in reality, the lines of the battlefield are as complex as the lives that fight within that tenuous and sometimes arbitrary separation. Through different goals, different dreams, these soldiers — though diverse — were united in their sense of duty. Such self-sacrifice should not be diminished by the notion of ‘sides,’ but remembered by future generations, in victory or defeat.

Two hundred years from now, our grandchildren, when learning history, will neither commend the winning side nor disparage the losing side, but instead will recognize acts of bravery and cowardice on both sides. They will not forget the bravery of Lieutenant Commander Le Anh Tuan on the river of South Viet Nam, nor the courage of Sea Commando Pham Viet on the sea of North Viet Nam.

In this autobiography, we see the Viet Nam War through the eyes of one of its most decorated soldiers. Both as a sailor and a witness who spent almost half his career on the frontlines of an unforgiving war, former South Vietnamese Navy Admiral Ho Van Ky-Thoai gives us keen perspective and an unparalleled viewpoint into some of the most important and often pivotal moments of the war.​

The Nobility of
Our Hearts

Louis Tue Hovanky &
Kim Thinh Hovanky

(English, hardcover/paperback/ebook,
288 pages)
The Nobility of Our Hearts: From Bến Súc to Sài Gòn to Austin, spans the remarkable events of 20th century Vietnam: from French rule to the Great Depression, from the Second World War to the Vietnamese civil war that involved the United States.

At the center of this global history stands one Vietnamese woman, Cẩm Hồng. Whether she is embarking alone at the age of fourteen on an ocean liner to Bordeaux to pursue her education, experiencing the bombing of Sài Gòn that forces her family to hide in the jungle while she endures the death of her daughter, witnessing the enlistment of three of her sons in the Vietnamese Armed Force, or finally escaping from Vietnam as a refugee to ultimately settle in Austin, Texas, Cẩm Hồng is a steadfast testament to perseverance and the Confucian values that sustained her.

This is the real story of South Vietnam, not simply the horrific experience of one particular decade. It provides an expanded perspective of the full history of Vietnam while engaging the reader through intimate details and novelistic techniques to create a beguiling and dramatic work of non-fiction.
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